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Sanctuary of the Nine has but only three rules, everything else are more like guidelines.

Rule Number One (The Golden Rule):


You must not for any reason kill another player or zombie. Do not act like you are going to kill them, do not pretend you are going to kill them, do not even say you are going to kill them, no matter what they say or do or how angry they make you just don't kill them. 

Rule Number Two:

This is almost as important as rule number one if not more. All players must consent to play the game. You may choose to play the game or not play the game. No one is forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. Anyone who has not first expressed consent to play the game is considered a zombie and is simply to be ignored. If a zombie attempts to make contact with you for any reason other than an emergency you may choose to either engage with them or flee. For added confusion it is our suggestion that you shout "ZOMBIE!" as you run feverishly in the other direction. 

Rule Number Three: 

No one is to ever be excluded from the game for any reason. It does not matter who they are, where they come from, what they believe, or what language they speak. All players are people and have a right to play the game just as you do. Guilds and clans are encouraged to be inclusive as to not cause segregation of players. We must remember that our strength is in our differences.


The following guidelines are encouraged but not enforced upon players as all players are agents of freewill and may do as they please. Just remember if you do not follow these guidelines there may be consequences for you actions in the real world.

Do not enter any restricted areas.

Do not steal something that is not yours

Do not destroy any property

Do not harass another player or zombie

Do go out and have a good time

Do share your experience with others

Do be kind and courteous to others

It is important to remember that when playing the game you represent not just your character but all players who play Sanctuary of the Nine. It is imperative that players set a good example and show that even the villains are not all that bad.

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