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The war to end all war...

A young child had once sworn a prayer to two gods at once asking for the power to change the world. Little did they know those gods were the childs parents and they had been listening. The Gods had long seen the cost of war and they were exhausted from all the work they had to do incarnating generation after generation to teach the same lesson over and over again. So year after year they took the child in their sleep and trained them in every art and trade giving them every ability they ever had and giving them the ability to program their own seed to grant these gifts to anyone they chose so long as both parties consented to the terms. The child would go on to birth a new team of God's called the Alpha Bet Protocol 26 warriors trained before they were even born to defend Earth and the Nine Realms from any and all possible threats. But these new gods were going to teach a new form of war. Most wars were about death and destruction these new Gods were going to start an art war and would teach humans how to create and build each other up instead of tearing each other down. Presurving the combined culture and history of all Earth's creatures. They would be known as the greatest poets, painters, musicians, and sculpters the world has ever seen.

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