The Rise of the Dragonborn Xings and the Celestial Lionheart

"Guilded arms and silver spoon

Fell before the Knight's Bloodmoon

The people gave up way too soon

And cast him out a raving loon

But because they played a faithful part

The God Xing rose as Lionheart

To merge the lands both West and East

The Northern Star Celestial Beast

On angel wings he soared

And among the dragons the lion roared

Nine great dragons all divine

Their Lion Xing with keys to time

Never were they in a hurry

And never was a greater fury

The Kingdoms ran to scary

For their greatness cause such worry

Magi long forgotten

People's hearts turned rotten

Fostered minds were closing

And so shall rise the chosen

If not they'd come to peace

Then from the sky they'd feast

Twas their final hope

Their fate hanging by a rope

So soon they made their choice

Injustice with their voice

They knew what they all did

When they had stolen sacred kid

Now they know their treason

Was not in the right reason

If child's blood was their fowl price

Then they shall pay back thrice

Then all shall serve the wall

or all their Kingdoms Fall.

The Doom clock will strike noon

When next we see Bloodmoon"

Twas written in stone, Twas carved into bone, and even if hidden Twas carved on the throne. The ancient celestial being that first rose from the void upon its own to become all space and time giving birth to more celestials, creator gods, divine teachers, the greater arcana, and the ancients which together crafted the cosmos as they built layer by layer region by region from the omniverse in to the nonverse every universe on the E8 lattice densely packed interlaced and interwoven overplayed underlayed interpolated and extrapolated across the inverse the outverse the mirrorverse and any and all verses across the verse of verses so many moons before even the before times knew this day would come though they knew not how nor when for all had hope for peace but none believed it possible it all rested of course on the fates and hearts of the people of all colors, creeds, casts, and classes. But the scorned Lion had suffered a wound to his heart so deep he cared not for vengeance nor pitty for he cared not to strike the fools who chose to strike them knowing not the price they should pay for their misguided I'll tempered sense of justice. Their names were but whispers is his mind their gold but dull yellow stones twas the blood of his son that tore his heart so deep that they shall fall cursed for one thousand moons the loss of his wife that shall haunt them every night keeping them wake with screams of fear lost in the mirror chasing their own shadows none shall ever mate for all they teach is hate. And now their final fate is to never cross the gate. Unless they undo the lies they spun and restore the spoils they never won in all their misguided fun living life out on the run or never shall they see the sun and wages paid shall become nun. They must all come up to the booth for confession of the truth and if the truth is what they tell then they shall dodge the flames of Hell.

World Event:

Confess the truth with proof of what happened to the fallen family...


151 W 4th St Cincinnati OH






1 Million Galactic Online Dollars

1 Legendary Artifact

1 Major Blessing

3 Minor Scrolls

9 Guild Points

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