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The Nine Nobel Knights of the Night's Watch

I mysterious flash lit up the night sky as everyone in the city gawked and stared, they were not prepared and they were scared but not far off no one cared. They watched as the flash of light circled around then slowed before plunking to the ground in a slightly less that graceful manner as if the pilot of this mysterious vessel had been drunk off his gourd. A crack appeared in the center of the craft as some strange alien EDM esque music filled the air and lights put out colored beams firing in all directions dancing around each other and mysteriously bending into loops and twirls as if distorted by a magnetic field of some type. A silhouette of a man with a platinum diamond studded microphone that looked more like a scepter than a music apparatus stepped into the foggy doorway and began rapping

"Yeah have no fear

the Nine Knights are here

but sorry to tell you

were fucking queer

we brought some beer

to make you freer

and open your mind

like a mystic seer

we'll kick your rear

if you come near

you tricked the queen

cause you couldn't be her

Now is our time

To come out and shine

and with our dope rhyme

you will all be fine

The dragons ass is mine

He will do his time

and if we fail

we'll press rewind

No better fighter

and no star shines brighter

so let us give a hand

and make your load lighter

Rap rocks our game

Temper is our name

and our sacred treasure

is what we claim

Dont need much vain

don't live in pain

all that shits

inside your brain

You can call us gods angels or men

we're the Nights Temper

from another when"

Following out and dancing around the air with all sorts of mystic auras and relics around them came 8 more some men, some women, some in drag, some in leather every last one looking like the gayest superhero has been wannabes you had ever seen. The one with the microphone must have been their leader because he turned to the astonished crowd who all seemed surprised to see a human come out of the ship and say "Take me to your breeder" as everyone looked around puzzled "Genesis Dorn, anyone know him, know where he's at? Hey Lucy, where the bloody hell is Genesis?"

The ships AI system sent a hologram out displaying a map to another place seemingly far away shortly before the mic wielding warlord waved his hand opening a portal in front of him and all nine of them jumped through leaving the portal to collapse on itself just before the whole ship just vanished. The people looked around scratching their heads puzzled and then went about their nights as if nothing had happened. Then it happened. Hundreds of thousands of ships just seemingly popped in out of Nowhere. Perfectly round spheroid ships growing in all over the night sky. They began zipping about the planet as if they were scanning all over everywhere. Occasionally one would zap a laser down to the surface and usually when that happened a person would vanish in its wake. No one knew if they were being transported or murdered so the people panicked and started screaming at the surprise invasion all about the world. But no one was more scared than the Vatican and the folks at D.C. They had no idea this was coming and no idea where it even came from. Their early warning systems didn't even detect the ships whether or not they warped in on a time offset and had been waiting for the right now anyhow.

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