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SotN is a game for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Step One:

Create a character:

In order to play Sanctuary of the Nine all you have to do is think of a character, any character. Then using what ever resources you have available dress up as that character. Your character may be anyone or anything you can think of. It can be any fiction or non fiction character from any time any place anywhere. You can make them up or choose from any historical figure from our past. Have fun with it but also have good taste. Its probably not the best idea to play the game as Hitler or a person of another race, no one is stopping you however you may not like the consequences. 

Step Two: Create Your Story

If you're character is a historical figure or fiction character you have it easy here. Just make sure you do your research else you may find yourself embarrassed by someone more educated on that character's history than yourself. If your character is completely original have some fun. Think of something unique and extraordinary. Imagine being a unicorn prince, or the overthrown queen from a mystic realm. Perhaps you're and alien-cat-human-hybrid from a long lost world on the belt of Orion the hunter. If you have a limiting disability turn it into a super power and show the world you aren't disabled, you're gifted. Write your own history into your story and don't be afraid to embellish a bit. If you planted one tree you "raised a forest" if you made new friends you "recruited an army." Legends come from tall tales so why be great when you can be legendary.

Step 3: Go on an Adventure

This is the best part, trust me, It may seem scary at first but turn off the tv grab your keys and walk out the door. Create pictures and media of your character interacting with the world around them. Think about how they would react to seeing a bus for the first time and play the part. Entertain yourself and those around you because you my dear friends are the storytellers. Maybe you want to create your own comic online comic staring your character or produce a web series use any platform you like to share your adventure. Try to see things as other things maybe a wind vane in the moonlight looks like a dragon soaring through the night sky. Perhaps that door to the mall is a gateway to another dimension. If you bought something you "traded with a merchant." Play alone or with friends known as "playing solo" or "with a party" 

Quests and Rewards

Games often send players on specific carefully crafted quests rewarding players with gear or items in return for their efforts. Sanctuary of the Nine is no different. There are official "Lore Masters" scattered across our world  though many of them are in "hiding" and must be discovered. Each lore master has a unique story and completing their quest line will earn you their unique reward. Some of them may offer Legendary Gear. Legendary Gear is one of a kind and will never be made again. There may be replicas but each legendary item will be marked with an official seal unique to the lore master.  There are daily quests that each player may choose to complete or ignore and official quests will be announced online as we move out of early access. 

Quest Givers:

Much like lore masters quest givers may offer players specific quests they have designed in exchange for a reward. Anyone may become a quest giver. Do so by simply designing a quest big or small and create or purchase some type of reward for the players to earn. Your reward can be anything you like provided its of fair value in relation to the difficulty of the quest. 


A "Skin" is a costume, worn by a character during a specific point in time. It can be for a special event or casual adventure. Anyone may create and share a custom skin. You may choose to keep where you purchased gear from or how you crafted items for you skin a secret or share with others. We plan to partner with brands that meet our criteria for exclusive skins as well as release official skins hand crafted by our artisans here at Boots 2 Beauty.  As history unfolds events will inspire limited release skins only available for a certain time. Be sure to get them before they are gone for good. 


Any group consisting of 10 or more players gathered together for common purpose is considered a raid. As the main plot of Sanctuary of the Nine unfolds official raids will occur. These will often be in the form of music festivals, conventions, and fairs. Raids will have exclusive gear and skins that can only be earned at that specific place and time. Plan ahead and prepare for a raid before its too late and you miss your chance.

There are many hidden parts to the game, some to be revealed some not too. Its up to you to find the Easter Eggs by piecing together pieces of the puzzle. 

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