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A game for everyone, everywhere, all the time, until the end of time...

Sanctuary of the Nine is a game that is played by anyone who consents to playing the game. You can play it any time anywhere anyway you want to. Its like Dungeons and Dragons except there are no player levels or combat. Players are encouraged to create new experiences for themselves and other players by dressing up in costumes (Skins) and telling stories (lore) to each other about their characters background, achievements, and anything else they choose to share. Some players may choose to become quest givers who create tasks for other players to accomplish in return giving them a reward or teaching them a skill even providing them with a service. There is only one rule "ABSOLUTELY NO PLAYER KILLING" Sanctuary of the Nine is a PVE (Player Vs Environment) game though from time to time certain PVP (Player Vs Player) events will be held to allow for players to compete against each other. Sanctuary of the Nine is free to play all you have to do is create a character and become them by either purchasing or crafting a costume, wearing makeup, and carrying anything your character may need. Players are encouraged to stay out of restricted or off limits areas and to not disturb the peace of those around them. It is not advisable to cause any trouble with those who do not consent to play the game. Anyone not playing the game is identified as a zombie. Sanctuary of the Nine is a game free of judgement and discrimination all people who give consent to play may play the game as little or as often as they like. The rules are simple, Transform yourself into you character, go out, and have fun. Take pictures of your character in the world. Shoot videos of your character interacting with others. Bring your character to life. A history of SotN will be kept through social media where you will also find official announcements for events and product releases such as official skins. The proceeds from all skin sales, event tickets, and donations are split up to both host future events like festivals and conventions and to enable our sponsor Boots2Beauty's humanitarian relief programs. By playing SotN you are sending a message to others saying you care about other people regardless of who they are, what they like, and what they have done in the past. Sanctuary of the Nine is not just about dressing up and playing pretend its about creating a better, safer, more exciting world to live in filled with colorful characters with interesting stories. Some players will become legends others may be explorers. You can represent any one or anything that has ever been or ever could be. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination. Players do not discriminate based on race, religion, or beliefs they share and grow together through new experiences. You can follow the offical lore of Sanctuary of the Nine on Facebook and Instagram as more people become involved there will be a webseries posted here for anyone anywhere in the world to see. The series will tell more story of the alternate reality that has wrapped itself around our own. Giving insight to the origin of official characters from within the SotN universe. Players are advised to "log off" or quit playing SotN in time for them to resume their normal lives such as to go to work or visit with family. Remember to take breaks and hydrate especially if your character skin has many layers and its hot outside. For a chance to get your experiences in the game published as official lore be sure to tag @santuaryofthenine in any posts you make about your characters adventures. 

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Choose to play Sanctuary of the Nine alone or with others by creating your own guild or clan, or join one of the two official guilds for chances to earn exclusive rewards and quest lines as the story of our world unfolds.



Symphony of the Sun and Moon

Sacturary of the Nine isn't so much an official guild as it is the standing banner for all current players until the "First Legendary Players" are crowned for each region one for each of the 7 continenants and 9 for the major religions to include    Players who do not wish to be under rule of the "Nine Devine  Banished from their realm by a mysterious force the Gods and Legends of past, present, and future find themselves stranded here on Earth amongst us. Will they receive a warm reception from the humans who had all but forgotten them? Only time will tell.



Devoted followers of the mother of the moon loyal in their service to her cause.

Cast from her realm the fallen Queen of Roses has come to our world with one mission. Total domination. Promising to use her knowledge of the arcane arts to transform humans into anyone or anything they desire she has amassed a legion of followers united with one goal. Uniting the world under one banner.



An interstellar security force focused on uniting the galaxy with peace, love, unity, and respect.

Join the Galactic Kitten Squad today and be part of something bigger than Earth itself. Venture to exciting new worlds as we blast off into infinity and find a new home for the creatures of Earth.

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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